"Splayful" - Collaborative Exploration of Virtual Environments

Personal handheld windows for exploring virtual worlds have been simulated in previous work. Novel interfaces were conceived as new ways for multiple observers to collaboratively share the experience of investigating 2-D and 3-D virtual environments and easily passing information between participants. The iPad offers an implementation platform to begin to demonstrate these ideas. Magnetometers and accelerometers built into the iPad along with its fast processing and high resolution screen are harnessed to create the illusion of "being there" where observers naturally "walk" through the environment using the iPad as a window. Inter-iPad communication protocols are bases for "pointing" ability where an observer indicates artifacts of interest to a second user's screen simply by turning the iPad window to an object and zooming in on it. These and other tools should lead to improved collaborative understanding and exploration of 2-D and 3-D high resolution imagery and environmental models.

"PlaySplay" - Virtual Windchimes


Third Project


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