iPixLab is short for Infinite Pixel Liberation Laboratory, an RIT program within the Center for Student Innovation which attempts to find ways to allow pixels to appear on any surface in any configuration to fill diverse and arbitrary spaces in inventive ways.

Our collaborative research program is performed at the ground-breaking edge of capture, creation, and presentation of immersive multi-media, to develop viewing environments and a supporting infrastructure for pedagogy, entertainment, art, gaming and communication.

The four core objectives of these efforts are Investigation, Dissemination, Pedagogy, and Application.  More can be learned about each of these by clicking on the links above.

iPixLab Panorama
This panorama is one example of content RIT students have created for iPixLab immersive environments. The RIT Immersive Theater utilizes multiple projectors to create a seamless immersive viewing environment for up to 250 people.
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