iPixLab Panorama

Immersive Theater

Designed with 5-adjascent projection areas to fill a space that is roughly 140 feet across and 13 feet tall, to provide an environment in which immersive content can be shown to large audiences. First put into operation in April 2007 within the Gosnell building's Van Peursem auditorium, it can seat about 250 people and has been used by classes, seminars, special events, demonstrations, and to external purposes in promoting the College of Science to prospective students at Open Houses. New shows are developed on a regular basis that are a part of RIT events, such as the Imagne RIT innovation festival and Brick City alumni reunions.

Robot Vision

Immersive environments can be used as a command console for the operation of remote devices, being able to use the larger screen to show the robot forward view, the smaller "mini-me" screen to show the backward view, which can be switched when the vehicle is travelling backwards.

Interactive Museum Exhibit (with digital-media master Nicholas Baish)

Designed to work in conjunction with the Pulse: a Stomp Odyssey large-scale movie, the interactive exhibit brought into the Strasenburgh Planetarium exhibit wing was launched to the public on August 13, 2008. The screen shows a "stand-by" video until a daring visitor bangs the drum, the computer detects the sound and jumps to a screen showing multiple manifestations of him, streaming off into the background.

About iPixLab Projects

iPixLab exists within the College of Science to free-formulate, integrate and propogate image science, digital cinema, engineering and softtware into useful manifestations towards four guiding objectives: Investigation, Application, Pedagogy, and Dissemination.

Current Projects

Current projects include:

Immersive Theater Programs

Interactive Museum Exhibits

Inexpensive Large-scale Displays

Total Robotic Vision Capture and Display

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