iPixLab efforts support image capture infrastructure to utilize infinite pixel technology on and off RIT's campus.

Creating presentations that have targeted research efforts of RIT colleges and programs.

Properly designed immerisve shows are more engaging to the viewer, provide a non-unique point of focus, and are capable of presenting difficult concepts easily through the simultaneous presentation of different graphic representations, multiple view angles visible at once, and a wider field-of-view for objects shown under magnification. The video presenter is still visible along with the video, animation, or graphic he is describing.

Assisting Students and Faculty create presentations about their subject of study.

  • Center for Imaging Science - "Multimodal Display Techniques with Application to Breast Imaging" by Kim Rafferty & "Using Ultrasound to Obtain Information on the Mechanical Properties of Layered Media" by Harold Mendoza and Shaynae Moore
  • College of Science - "Black Holes and Galaxy Evolution: The Tumultuous Life of a Black Hole at the Center of a Galaxy" by Professors Stefi Baum and Christopher O'Dea
  • Center for Imaging Arts & Sciences - "World of Conflict" & "World of Resolve"
  • School of Biological Sciences - "Genetically Engineering Corn at RIT" by Shandra Iannucci
  • School of Medical Sciences - "Beyond Anatomy: Human Movement" by Heather Drake and Iyin Peters & "Immersive Learning" by Kevin Shimkus

Immersive presentations can be Power-Point, complete beginning-to-end movies or similar to Power-Point but including all the advantages of having diverse content visible and dynamic at once, to permit comparisions without needing to skip back to pervious slides, and to permit broader and more visible contents.

Creating comprehensive video capture, collecting and combining video content for immersive display.

Capture techniques to record moments and events in a format that is closer to the real experience, creating 100-degree (3-camera) and 180-degree (5-camera) combinable video, giving the audience more peripheral content while permitting them to scan the view area as they wish.

(clockwise from upper left)
Setting up 5-camera video capture onstage for Clinton convocation speech; Student preparing 3-camera video capture for Clinton speech; Albert Simone presenting Bill Cinton with honorary degree. Video of Simone and Clinton's speeches have been formatted for immersive presentation.

3-video-camera long-view of the Convocation stage.

3-video capture of dinosaur exhibit at Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC).

4-video capture of basketball practice where the challenges are equalizing exposure, aligning the various videos, and optimizing the balance between near and far-field views.

Creating immersive-display environments for finished content shows or interactive environments.

  • Developing four semi-immersive exhibits for Imagine RIT, President Destler's new innovation festival.

  • iPixLab partnering with RMSC's Stasenburgh Plantarium for interactive exhibit concurrent with the large-screen movie Pulse: a Stomp Odyssey.
Final days installing the iPixLab exhibit at the RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium.

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© Rochester Institute of Technology
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